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It’s easy to create your own custom drum kits in the DTX502, and the best way to start is by editing an existing kit.  Choose a kit from the 50 preset kits that is close to, or in a similar style, to what you want to create.
Procedures for resetting your DTX module back to the factory settings and how to disable Auto-Power Off.
In this article we’re going talk about the DTX502 series and how you can load new SAMPLES and MIDI SONGS into the module with the free MusicSoft Manager APP for iOS.  With this feature you can customize your DTX502 series kit in the same way as kits costing much, much more, and it's really easy.
The hi-hat is a unique instrument voice. It can be played by the foot using the pedal, or by a stick in either the closed or open position. But how “open” is open? The part of the hi-hat stand that holds the top hi-hat cymbal to the rod is called the “clutch”. Using the following procedure,
Why Electronic Drums? By Jim Haler, Yamaha Drums Product ManagerAs a long time drummer, I’ve had a deep love for drums since I was a child. When I began playing, there was no such thing as an electronic drum, and the VCR hadn’t even been invented yet. I began gigging in the early 70’s; mostly playing what was on the radio, what would later become “Classic Rock”.
Long before Teddy debuted on national network TV, Teddy discovered his love of drumming by banging on his mom's pots and pans at the age of three. The drummer grew up in the Gospel music scene of Chicago, Illinois, where he played in church for the first time at the age of four, and hasn't looked back since.

  Ray Luzier (pronounced “Lose-Ear”) was the drummer in ARMY OF ANYONE and was the pulse behind the DAVID LEE ROTH band for 8 years. With a degree from MI’s Percussion Institute of Technology and a DVD in stores now, he’s played LIVE and on countless recordings for TV, film, and international recording artists around the globe.
In this article we’re going talk about the DTX400 series and how you can load NEW MIDI SONGS into the module with the free MusicSoft Manager APP for iOS.  MIDI songs are a type of song file that require a tone generator - like the DTX400 - in order to play back sound.  Once the songs are loaded you can mute the drum track and play along, and you can even use the songs with the onboard training functions.
A World Of Professional SoundsThe DTX-MULTI 12 is an electronic percussion pad perfect for drummers and percussionists or anyone who needs a professional collection of percussion sounds in a convenient package, with the ability to import your own custom sounds. Layer sounds, trigger loops, and record your own patterns, then assign them to the versatile pads that can be played with sticks, hands, or fingers in a in a compact yet expandable and durable unit.
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