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Recently I sat in with my friends’ band and brought my DTX-MULTI 12 to use with triggers on my Oak Custom kit and to play some percussion voices and hand claps on the side.  I built my own user kit from scratch and stored it; there would be no need for me to change kits, with the twelve pads and five trigger inputs my kit and miscellaneous percussion was covered for all three sets - or so I thought.
Start by pressing the [DRUMKIT] mode button to see the KIT1 page. Use the jog dial to select a drum kit that is similar to what you want to create (Kit #1 Oak Custom in this example).
Queen Cora Dunham began her musical journey at Kashmere High School under senior William Portis and at church under Mamie L. Johnson. She played in the marching and concert bands and by the 11th grade moved on to play the drum set. After graduating as valedictorian, Cora received her Bachelor of Science Degree at Howard University.
Without a doubt one of the most important skills for a drummer is timekeeping. The feature we call Groove Check is designed to help tighten up your timekeeping skills - one beat at a time. It works like a scale that measures how far ahead or behind the beat your hits are. You can measure hits from all inputs or focus Groove Check to analyze a specific pad input.
DEMO 1 - “It’s easy to make your own custom kit”Start by pressing the [DRUMKIT] mode button to see the [KIT1] page.
The DXPIII module has an internal two-track sequencer with 95 pre-recorded (factory) songs that you can play along with, and 32 user songs where you can record your own performance. You can mute the drum tracks out of the factory songs and play along as a tool for learning to play different musical styles. This tutorial will teach you how to use the play-along and record features of the sequencer.
The Groove Check function is a valuable learning tool. This tutorial will show you how to use Groove Check and offer some tips on getting the most out of it.The purpose of Groove Check is to show you by using positive and negative number where your beat placement is in relationship to the accompanying tempo you are playing to. Groove Check can be used either with the click or the internal sequencer.
You can easily copy all of the settings for a pad or trigger from one trigger input to another in the same kit, or copy those settings to a different kit. For instance, if you are customizing the sensitivity and velocity curve settings for a user kit you can simply make the adjustments to one input and then copy those to all the other inputs in the same kit.
The DTXtreme IIS can load new samples into memory from a SmartMedia card. The samples can be created by sampling directly into the DTXtreme IIS via the ‘AUX IN’ connection, or the can be imported existing samples. The samples need to be in .aif format. If a desired sample is in .wav format, it can be converted from .wav to .aif using a sample conversion program such as the Yamaha Tiny Wave Editor (TWE).
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