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Recently I sat in with my friends’ band and brought my DTX-MULTI 12 to use with triggers on my Oak C
In a previous issue I discussed triggering loops using HOLD mode so that you can start/stop a loop v
Setting up a Microphone, Guitar, Bass, Mixer or other A/D INPUTHow to setup the A/D INPUT:  A/D is short for Analog-to-Digital. We will use a microphone for our example but you could substitute a guitar, a bass, hand-held playback device, your band's mixer or virtually any kind of audio device. These are analog signals and we are going to convert their audio to digital signals inside the MOXF6/MOXF8. In some setups you will be able to route this signal through the powerful effect processors.
“This synthesizer is loaded with such a wealth of different features, functions and operations, you may find it difficult to locate and call up the particular feature you need. This is where the Master function comes in handy. You can use it to memorize the operations you use most often in each mode, and call them up instantly anytime you need them with a single button press. The MOTIF XF has space for a total of 128 of your own User Master settings. Press the [MASTER]
The Vocoder is not an effect for the microphone, per se. It is the AD Input being used as a modifier for a synth Voice effect. The synth Voice is the carrier. It is designed for use with a microphone but no one says that is what you have to use as the modifier. Anything you can plug into the AD INPUT could theoretically be used as the modifier in this situation (your mileage will vary… as I said it is designed for use with a microphone as the input). The word Vocoder comes from Vocal Encoder (developed originally to encrypt battlefield communication).
SONG or PATTERN MIXING programs are ideal for assembling multiple sounds that you want to play. Each of the 64 SONG and 64 PATTERN locations can contain a "MIXING" - which is a configuration of all the available input PARTS: [F1] PART 1-16 and [F2] AUDIO (an A/D Input Part and if an FW16E is installed, a firewire Input Part).
 The new content of the MOTIF XF compared to the MOTIF XS Waveforms 1,307 new Waveforms MOTIF XS: 2,670 MOTIF XF: 3,977  Voices 128 new Normal Voices 8 new Drum Kits MOTIF XS: USER1, USER2, USER3 MOTIF XF: USER1 (New), USER2, USER3, USER4, User Drum (1-8: New)
Pre 4:001(A01) Violin Solo 1 This Voice is made up of 8 Elements. Press [EDIT] Buttons [1]-[8] are Element Select buttons Buttons [9]-[16] MUTE and UNMUTE Elements 1-8, respectively Press [1] to view Element 1 parameters
If you have not done so already, please see this article first. It covers the basics of setting up the MICROPHONE as the Motif XF’s A/D INPUT: Setting up a Microphone to the Motif XF A/D INPUT 
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