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In addition to its use in the Voice and Performance modes, the Sampling mode can also be entered from the Song and Pattern modes. This lets you record audio (such as vocals, electric guitar, or audio from an external device), and use it directly on a Song/Pattern track as a Sample Voice.
Creating your own .WAV or AIFF data for making a CD or conversion to MP3… There are many ways to do this actually. Below we will outline the following different methods.
Samples, Keybanks and Waveforms  Phil Clendeninn Senior Technical Sales Specialist Technology Products ©Yamaha Corporation of America
Question: Before writing samples onto the Flash Board I’d like to listen to single Voices and then decide what are to be written. Answer: How you proceed will be based on the particular Sample Library you are working with. For example, depending on how the data was configured you may or may not be able to audition individual Voices without installing data onto your Flash Boards. We’ll explain…
PRESET 1: 001(A01) Full Concert Grand You can learn a lot about a program from a close inspection of the screen. Let’s begin this series of articles with an overview of the VOICE screen and learn how to intelligently approach exploring it and/or any VOICE in the Motif XF. Shown at left is the Main screen of the “PRE 1:001(A01) Full Concert Grand” Voice.
Connect the Motif XS/XF to your Macintosh computer with an Ethernet cable Disable WiFi on the computer (important) you cannot have both active simultaneously. If you are constantly getting the "Can't access host!" message this could be one of the causes. You can do so by going to SYSTEM PREFERENCES > NETWORK > turn WiFi = Off The computer should report that Ethernet is connected... Verify that you are seeing Ethernet as active. Those using a Thunderbolt –to-Ethernet adapter will see that listed. Verify that is green (go).
 Motif XF SONG Import For this you must have installed the Yamaha “Motif XF Extension” to your Cubase program. This can be obtained at Select your country Type in the Model Number: Motif XF When the SEARCH RESULTS are shown, confirm your Motif XF You want to download the SOFTWARE for your computer type and OS: Motif XF Extension
A Step-by-Step Tutorial Skills Learned How to explore a Voice and begin to analyze its content. In order to understand what changes when you take a VOICE and place it in a PART, it will be important to understand some of the more important parameters. Use the “Parameter with Voice” feature to copy applied additions/tweaks to a PERFORMANCE or MIXING program (including Arpeggios, FEG/AEG offsets, etc.) Copy the System Effect Types from a Voice so that they becomes the global (System) Effect for the entire Performance or Mix What changes when a Voice is placed in a Performance Part or Mix Part
Bank Select-Program Change events can be inserted on any MIDI track to recall a specific Voice. These are fairly easy to work with on Yamaha sequencers - as Yamaha uses what is called a “packed” event (be sure to check the documentation of your sequencer if you are using an external device to sequence your data).
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