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"The best feeling pads I've ever played on." Thomas Pridgeons Musicality and chops are somethin
Mike Bordin began playing Yamaha Drums as a teenager and turned down almost every other company’s en
"There’s no other brand I would rather be playing. Yamaha Drums are the only drums I can rely on 100
You can hear Jimmy Keegans groove on songs such as "Primavera" on Santana's hit album Supernatural,
Adrian Young of No Doubt plays the DTX950K, and the DTX900 w/XP Pads Travis Barker of Blink182
Kenny Aronoff, legendary studio and touring drummer who has played with groups such as John Fog
Matt Sorum Performes with Guns and Roses, The Clash, previously Velevet Revolver, and uses the DTX95
Bennie Rodgers Performes with Big Bang and Mariah Carey, and uses the DTX900 w/XP Pads and the
Ray has an extensive background with an impressive resume of artists he has collaberated with, but h
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