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Did you know? You can make custom kits in the DTX-M12 Touch App WITHOUT being connected to the iPad!
Did You Know? You can change the screen color on the DTX502 Touch App!
The KU100 Beaterless "Silent" Kick Unit is great for:
The PCY90AT is a great add-on for a DTX450K (or any DTX Series Kit):• It comes complete with cymbal pad, clamp, and cable.It plugs right into the aux input of the KP65 or KP125W Bass Drum Pad.
What to change TEMPO on the DTX502 in a hurry? 
Shauney Recke, known to many as Shauney Baby, has been working in the entertainment industry for many years and is one of the most celebrated female drummers both nationally and internationally. Born in Washington D.C., Shauney was exposed to music at a very young age
One of the most sought after Jazz and R & B Drummers of his generation, John "Lil John" Roberts has maintained his status in the industry as the ultimate heartbeat. A native of Philadelphia, John quickly became noted as a child prodigy, playing alongside Christian McBride and Joey Defranceso at the age of 16.
CLICK HERE to see Joel Tetzlaff demonstrate the DTX502 Touch app for iOS.
The DTX700 "Pop Rock" content kit is available for free for registered users and is comprised of a hyped and compressed maple kit that is meant to sonically cut through the world of modern rock.
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