Do less menu diving, and more playing! Yamaha now offers free apps for the DTX-MULTI 12, DXT502, EAD10, and the DTX402 series of electronic drums and other DTX related products!



A World Of Professional Sounds
The DTX-MULTI 12 is an electronic percussion pad perfect for drummers and percussionists or anyone who needs a professional collection of percussion sounds in a convenient package, with the ability to import your own custom sounds. Layer sounds, trigger loops, and record your own patterns, then assign them to the versatile pads that can be played with sticks, hands, or fingers in a in a compact yet expandable and durable unit.

Technological Breakthrough
All DTX502 series configurations use the DTX502 drum trigger module which features an advanced sound engine with 691 drum and percussion sounds and is very easy to use. You get 8 “Groove Tools” training exercises with a programmable metronome, easy editing and sound layering, plus the ability to import your own samples.

A New Breed of DTX
The DTX700 comes equipped with many of the standard features you have come to expect from a DTX module - high quality Yamaha acoustic drum voices, wide variety of preset kits, great play-along songs, plus groove check and rhythm gate. There is a lot about the DTX700 that is very new, including features we think drummers are really going to appreciate.

What is Kando?
KHAN-doh: noun.  Something that inspires the heart and spirit.  An emotional impression or sensational feeling that touches the soul. 

Yamaha Company Mission: Yamaha will continue to create ‘kando’ and enrich culture with technology and passion born of sound and music, together with people all over the world.

The DTX900 series embodies the essence of "kando".

The Yamaha DT50S Dual Zone Snare Drum Triggers are a fantasatic addition to your EAD10, Mult12, and any DTX Sound Modules. 
Use this trigger to expand and go beyond the standard sound capabilities possible! 

Larnell Lewis Plays Yamaha Triggers

The DT50K is a fantastic addition in providing your acoustic bass drum(s) with additional sonic capabilities! 
Hook it into any of the Yamaha DTX modules, such as the 502 Series, and create a hybrid setup!
==> Larnell Lewis Plays Yamaha Triggers
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