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A World Of Professional Sounds
The DTX-MULTI 12 is an electronic percussion pad perfect for drummers and percussionists or anyone who needs a professional collection of percussion sounds in a convenient package, with the ability to import your own custom sounds. Layer sounds, trigger loops, and record your own patterns, then assign them to the versatile pads that can be played with sticks, hands, or fingers in a in a compact yet expandable and durable unit.

Most drummers cannot haul extra drums, percussion, gongs or tympani to a gig along with their acoustic kit, or even have the space for them. But in today's music scene, many bands often expect the drummer be able to provide additional sounds besides drums, or to trigger the kick and snare. The DTX-MULTI 12 is perfect for drummers who are looking for an easy way to add the power of electronics to their acoustic kit.

Pad With A Purpose
The DTX-MULTI 12 is truly a multipurpose tool for drummers. Some of the many uses include: Expanding and triggering acoustic drums, adding pedals to make a mini kit, use as a hand percussion instrument, sample player, midi controller, programmable metronome, drum machine, sequencer, remote controller for Cubase (Cubase AI included) and much more.

The DTX-MULTI 12 is like having several electronic percussion products with the convenience and price of one. And Yamaha reliability is built-in to the DTX-MULTI 12 as proven by the many professional drummers, drum corps and touring artists using it on the road.

Room to Grow
The DTX-MULTI 12 has 12 pads and is expandable with up to five triggers or pads, making it perfect for triggering a five-piece acoustic kit. Check it out on the Yamaha DTX Product Pages:

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