DTX Hybrid Packs Featured

Turn On Your Drums
The NEW Yamaha DTX HYBRID PACKS bring together everything you need to get started triggering electronic drum sounds from any acoustic drum set with the DTX502 Drum Trigger Module.

Yamaha makes it easy to get your hybrid set started with the DTX Hybrid Packs. Add more punch to your bass drum, layer huge effects on your snare, and trigger sampled sounds with the pads. You can even use the on-board training functions with your existing acoustic drums. The included DTX502 drum trigger module is also expandable, so you can add even more pads, pedals, and triggers — and import your own samples! With the free DTX502 TOUCH app, use your iOS device to control your DTX502 module.

NEW!  With the DATA MANAGER menu inside the app you can download free kits that automatically configure your DTX502 module with the optimum settings for your DTX HYBRID PACK!

All DTX 502 Series Hybrid Packs include the DTX502 Trigger Module, 2 Yamaha DT20 acoustic drum triggers, plus one or two electronic pads with all the necessary cables and mounting hardware you need to get started.  Check out how easy it is to make a hybrid kit with the DTX HYBRID PACK SETUP VIDEO.

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