Accessing General MIDI voices from the pads on DTXIIS

The DTXIIS module has 128 General MIDI Keyboard voices. Most of these are melodic instruments such as piano, guitar, bass, etc. and there are several sound effects and percussive sounds as well. One unique feature of the DTXIIS is that you can assign each pad to a different MIDI channel, allowing you to access these voices from the pads.
This allows you to play melodies or chord progressions live from the pads as part of your performance. This “Jump Start” will show you how to assign the pads to a MIDI channel other than 10 and assign a GM voice to the pads. The knobs are numbered 1-5 from left to right.
1. Press the TRIGGER button and strike any pad.
2. Press PAGE DOWN to page [TrigMIDI2}
3. Turn knob #5 to the MIDI Channel you want. For the sake of this exercise select channel 1. Play the pad and you will hear a melodic instrument instead of a drum voice.
4. Press the VOICE button.
5. Press PAGE DOWN until you see page [MIDI 1].
6. Turn the knob #1 to select Ch=1
7. Turn knob #2 (Transmit) to ALL.
8. Turn knob #3 (PC#) to the right one click at a time. This will select the GM voice assigned to channel 1. Play the pad after each click to hear the GM voice. You can also reference the GM Keyboard Voice list on page 21 of the Data list that came with your module to find a specific voice.
Now you can set up the pad to play up to six notes stacked to play a chord, or nine notes in order or random sequence to play a melody.
1. Press the TRIGGER button.
2. Press PAGE DOWN to page [TrigMIDI 1].
3. Turn knob #2 (MODE) to select STACK to play a chord or ALTER to play a melody. For the sake of this exercise select STACK.
4. Press PAGE DOWN to [TrigMIDI 2].
5. Press and hold SHIFT while pressing the rewind button <<.
6. Turn knob #2 to select the key signature, turn the third knob from the left to select which type of chord you want (Maj7, etc.).
7. Once you have selected the chord you want press ENTER/YES. The screen will read Are You Sure?
8. Press ENTER/YES again. The chord you selected will play when you play the pad.
9. To hear each individual note of the chord in sequence, PAGE UP one page and change the mode to Alter. Each time you strike the pad a different note will play. When you have played the last note of the chord the sequence of notes will start over.
10. You can add additional notes by paging down and use knob #2 to assign additional notes (1-6 stacked, 1-9 in alternate) and use knob #3 to select the note.