It is easy and fun to tweak the preset kits and select new voices for the pads of any DTX900 series kit.  Whether you want to pick the individual voices for each trigger source of a multi-zone pad, or assign multiple voices to the whole input in one simple step, it's all starts in KIT mode.

Press the [DRUM KIT] mode button then press [F1] PLAY to access the main kit play mode.Use the jog-dial or the INC/DEC buttons to select a drum kit in the PRESET Bank 01-50.
Change the drum VOICE SET:
A VoiceSet assigns multiple sounds to all sources of a multi-zone INPUT in one step.
1. While in DRUM KIT mode, press [F2] VOICE to access voice functions. Note the screen now includes several icons above the SF or “sub-function” keys. Press [SF1] to access voice SELECT.
2. Strike any zone of a trigger to select that trigger INPUT for editing. Use the cursor to highlight the Voice Set number . Rotate the jog-dial or press the INC/DEC buttons to select a new Voice Set. If desired, you can change the category of Voice Set to the left of the voice set number.
Sig 7
NOTE how the icons above the [SF1-SF4] keys are square but the “Source” and “key” icons have rounded edges? Square icons represent pages and rounded icons indicate a button (or switch).

Change the drum VOICE:

A single drum Voice can be assigned to any SOURCE from a multi-zone pad/trigger.
3. From Drum Kit [F2] VOICE! [SF1] SELECT page press the [SF5] SOURCE button1. Strike a trigger zone or kick the pedal and you can select a single drum voice for any trigger input source.
Sig 8
STORE the kit to User Memory:
4. Press the [ENTER/STORE] button and the following screen is displayed:
Sig 9

1 If the screen above the SF5 button reads “INPUT” then you are already looking at the Voice Select page for a trigger SOURCE.