The DTXPRESS IV has an internal collection of 63 preset songs for you to play along with. Songs 1-3 are DEMO songs – short musical compositions with a beginning, middle, and ending. Songs 4-44 are PRACTICE songs – Musical patterns in various styles that will LOOP. Songs 45-63 are PAD songs – song fragments that can be assigned to different pads.*
*Pad songs will be discussed in a future advanced guide.

1. Press the button to enter the Song Select [SONG1] page. Make sure the song number is flashing, and rotate the jog-dial to select a song to listen to.

2. Press the button and after the count-in the song will play from the beginning. When it reaches the end it will play from the top again until you press to stop it.
When you find a song that you want to play along with you need to MUTE the drum part.

Now you can play the DTXPRESS IV pads to play the drum part yourself. You can adjust the song tempo and the song volume by moving the flashing cursor to the upper part of the screen:

Practice the song (or others) until you wish to and record your performance.
4. Press [SHIFT] + [SONG] to access the Recording Conditions [REC] page.

Leave the Beat setting as it is and leave Quantize OFF unless you wish to have the DTXPRESS IV automatically “quantize” your playing to the note value set here upon song playback.
5.Press the button and after the count-in the song will begin recording. Press the button again to stop recording. When finished recording the display shows “now storing…” and the song is stored to an empty USER SONG (64-83).
6.Press the button to hear your performance.
7.To clear a song press page [>] to get to the [SONG2] page and press [ENTER].