Without a doubt one of the most important skills for a drummer is timekeeping. The feature we call Groove Check is designed to help tighten up your timekeeping skills - one beat at a time. It works like a scale that measures how far ahead or behind the beat your hits are. You can measure hits from all inputs or focus Groove Check to analyze a specific pad input.
What’s more, you can set the note values for rhythmic analysis from a whole note to eighth note triplet. Let’s learn about Groove Check by setting it up to analyze how you play your back beat.
1. Press [SHIFT] + [CLICK] to call up the Groove Check display [GRV1] page.

2. Press PAGE two times to get to the Groove Input select [GRV3] page. Rotate the jog-dial to select “1snare” as the input. This will analyze just the timing of snare hits.

3. Press PAGE again to get to the Groove Note value [GRV4] page. Set the Note value to Quarter Notes. This will analyze the accuracy of hits that occur on quarter notes.

4. Now press PAGE button until you get to the GRV1 page. Press the to activate the metronome and try playing a simple drum beat with the back beat “2” and “4” on the snare pad.
Understanding the display:
As you play to the click, Groove Check shows “your hit” in relation to a “perfect” quarter note. If your timing is rushing and you are ahead of the beat, your hit marks will move to the left. If your timing is dragging and you are behind the beat, your hit marks will move to the right. Average inaccuracies are shown in units of 1/24 of a 16th note. This is a “mechanical” evaluation. The deviation in timing inaccuracy is 0.0 to 9.9. This is a “musical” evaluation. The smaller this value is, more “in the pocket” your playing is. In other words, you might stray right or left of center, but at least you are being consistent about it. Some drummers (David Garibaldi, Steve Gadd – both Yamaha guys) will sit their quarter notes a certain way to make the music “feel” a certain way. Groove Check can show you where YOU tend to place your quarter notes so you can work on it. To use it with the songs set up groove check first, play the song, and return to groove check mode.

TIP: Try groove check at different tempos, or try the above example with other inputs and note values.