DTX502 Tip: Adjusting Instrument Volumes

Although the DTX502 is great-sounding out of the box, it offers users the ability to customize its Kits to best fit their playing style and dynamic. Editing the Pad Volume is one of the ways users can make a Kit their own.

To adjust the current (selected) Kit’s Pad Volumes:

1. Navigate to the KIT5 page using the DTX502 Arrows buttons.
2. Strike the pad whose instrument volume you wish to adjust.
3. Turn the data dial to change the instrument volume.

DTX502 Pad Volume 1

4. Once all volumes have been adjusted, press the [SAVE/ENTER] button. The button will start to flash and the following page will be displayed.
5. Turn the Data Dial to select the User kit (51 to 100) in which you wish to save your settings.
6. If necessary, name your new drum kit. Press the DTX502 Arrows buttons to move the cursor to the character you wish to change, and then turn the Data Dial to change it.

DTX502 Pad Volume 2

7.  Press the [SAVE/ENTER] button once again. To cancel the process without saving any settings, press theDTX502 Metronome button.

DTX502 Pad Volume 3
8.   Press the [SAVE/ENTER] button to save your settings.