DTX502 Firmware Update for Non-iOS Users

For those DTX502 owners out there who don't own an iOS device, Yamaha is providing a downloadable updater file for PC (Windows OS, not Mac) to help update the firmware on the unit to the latest version as of this post - V1.30.

To download the Updater File and Firmware Guide, please click see the Yamaha Downloads page here.

Some of the improvements the latest Firmware offers are as follows:

  • Added new pad types for the DT50S/DT50K.

  • Added new Trigger Setups "DT50" and "DT50Mesh".

  • Now supports Input Exchange for trigger setting.

  • Added new Copy function by each two piezos for Copy Trigger. 

  • New 3-Layer and 4-Layer functionality on snare instruments.
  • Fine-tuning of trigger sensitivity.