It’s easy to create your own custom drum kits in the DTX502, and the best way to start is by editing an existing kit.  Choose a kit from the 50 preset kits that is close to, or in a similar style, to what you want to create.
The preconfigured kits for the DTX502 - DTX522K, DTX532K, DTX562K - give customers a wide range of options for triggering and playing. In addition, users can add up to four single-zone pads to their kit via the Kick and Tom inputs. Pads that were multi-zone initially, become single zone when their trigger input is shared.
Players that use their DTX502 kit live appreciate the option of sending the Metronome or "Click" out to the PA independently of the Kit output for monitoring purposes, a task easily accomplished by the DTX502.
What to change TEMPO on the DTX502 in a hurry? 
For those DTX502 owners out there who don't own an iOS device, Yamaha is providing a downloadable updater file for PC (Windows OS, not Mac) to help update the firmware on the unit to the latest version as of this post - V1.30.
Did You Know? You can change the screen color on the DTX502 Touch App!
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