A new firmware update has just been released for the DTX900 module to update the instrument's compatibility with new triggers along with some enhancements in versatility.
Rhythm Gate lets you check the accuracy of your hit timing more finely and strictly when playing along to the CLICK or a SONG*. The sound is produced only when you hit at the correct (allowable) timing, which can be specified beforehand. *for details see the Click and Song quick starts
PLAY a Preset SONG:Press the [SONG] mode button, then press [F1] [PLAY] to access the song play function page. With the Song number highlighted, use the jog-dial or INC/DEC buttons to select a PRESET Song 01-87.
It is easy and fun to tweak the preset kits and select new voices for the pads of any DTX900 series kit.  Whether you want to pick the individual voices for each trigger source of a multi-zone pad, or assign multiple voices to the whole input in one simple step, it's all starts in KIT mode.
The DTX900 series has an advanced groove check mode that can analyze up to five pads simultaneously so you can see how your different limbs tend to play against the steady pulse of the click.
Getting around the DTX900 is takes an understanding of the basic terms used in the screen.  This article will introduce you to the DTX900 and how to change voices in a kit, using the groove tools, and playing along with the preset songs.
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