A new firmware update has just been released for the DTX-MULTI12 to update the instrument's compatibility with new triggers along with some enhancements in versatility.
Recently I sat in with my friends’ band and brought my DTX-MULTI 12 to use with triggers on my Oak Custom kit and to play some percussion voices and hand claps on the side.  I built my own user kit from scratch and stored it; there would be no need for me to change kits, with the twelve pads and five trigger inputs my kit and miscellaneous percussion was covered for all three sets - or so I thought.
Get to know the DTX-MULTI 12 with a tour of the front panel and a look "inside" the hierarchal menu system with product specialist Tom Griffin.  Unlock all of the DTX-MULTI 12's power and see how the instrument offers multiple solutions for today's working drummer/percussionist.
Trigger your imagination - The DTX-MULTI 12 lets you import your own custom sounds and samples and assign them to a pad or trigger for live performance.  The memory is FLASH, so samples stay in the unit through a power-cycle, so they will be ready when you power-up at the gig.
The musical expressitivity of DTX-MULTI 12 Electronic Drum pad can be expanded by adding foot pedals.  Whether it's a hi-hat controller for hi-hat open/close, a volume pedal to control your mix, or a footswitch for tapping-tempo off the dance floor - the DTX-MULTI 12 does all this and more.
Yamaha has a firmware update program that improves functionality of its digital instruments like the DTX-MULTI 12.  Yamaha further supports the MULTI 12 by providing extra content that adds new sounds and patterns to your instrument- all for free.
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