Rhythm Gate is a variation of Groove Check1 in which sound is produced only if your hit is within the specified range, and sound is not produced if your hit is outside this range. This is cool because you don’t have to look at the display to know if you are on time. You will be able to hear (or not hear) if you hit the pad(s) within the range set by Rhythm Gate.
Without a doubt one of the most important skills for a drummer is timekeeping. The feature we call Groove Check is designed to help tighten up your timekeeping skills - one beat at a time. It works like a scale that measures how far ahead or behind the beat your hits are. You can measure hits from all inputs or focus Groove Check to analyze a specific pad input.
The ability to set the response of connected trigger pads for maximum performance is included in the DTXPRESS IV on the pages of TRIGGER setup mode. Let’s take a closer look…
The DTXIIS module has 128 General MIDI Keyboard voices. Most of these are melodic instruments such as piano, guitar, bass, etc. and there are several sound effects and percussive sounds as well. One unique feature of the DTXIIS is that you can assign each pad to a different MIDI channel, allowing you to access these voices from the pads.
The DTXPRESS IV has an internal collection of 63 preset songs for you to play along with. Songs 1-3 are DEMO songs – short musical compositions with a beginning, middle, and ending. Songs 4-44 are PRACTICE songs – Musical patterns in various styles that will LOOP. Songs 45-63 are PAD songs – song fragments that can be assigned to different pads.**Pad songs will be discussed in a future advanced guide.
Start by pressing the [DRUMKIT] mode button to see the [KIT1] page. Use the jog dial to select a drum kit that is similar to what you want to create (Kit #1 Oak Custom in this example).
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