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Watch Simon Edgoose demonstrate the EAD10, an amazing piece of gear that allows you to Mic your acoustic drums in seconds, literally, while also providing a multitude of onboard effects and recording capabilities.
DJ Ravi has performed at private events for Michael Jordan, Nike, HBO, Access Hollywood, Symantec, Diesel, Louis Vuitton, NIKE, Mercedes Benz and FOX! DJ Ravi has also been featured in his own GAP commercial, as well as having a small but memorable role with Lawrence Fishburne in “The Matrix Reloaded”. His list of clients includes such Hollywood heavyweights as Will Smith, Eva Longoria, Quentin Tarantino, Elon Musk, Carson Daly, Jessica Simpson, Halle Berry & Benicio Del Toro. He has brought his energy, enthusiasm, drums & turntables to events for clients including Nokia, Microsoft, Macy’s, Simon Properties, Nintendo, and Dell.
The only E-Kit possessing high quality stereo sound through USB, providing 10 preset kits and 287 customizable sounds with an incredible and realistic feel and playing experience. Utilize the FREE Rec 'N' Share App to Record your performance, slow down songs for efficient learning, and utilize the A/B Loop function to repeat tricky parts.
The DTX562K features all DTX-PADs for snare and toms plus our large hi-hat pad with included stand and large 3-zone cymbal pads for outstanding playability.
For those DTX502 owners out there who don't own an iOS device, Yamaha is providing a downloadable updater file for PC (Windows OS, not Mac) to help update the firmware on the unit to the latest version as of this post - V1.30.
Creating your own Custom Drum Kit on your DTX502 is easy with the help of the DTX502Touch iOS App! Maio walks us through the process...
Loading custom Drum Kits into your DTX502 is easy with the help of the DTX502Touch iOS App! Maio walks us through loading one of his Custom User Kits from Dropbox...
A new firmware update has just been released for the DTX700 module to update the instrument's compatibility with new triggers along with some enhancements in versatility.
Most electronic drum kits use a standard configuration: kick, snare, three toms, hi-hat, crash, and ride.  With Yamaha DTX drums there are many ways to upgrade and expand your kit, from adding an extra tom or cymbal, to increasing the size of a pad. 
The DTX790K is a kit configuration that uses the pad set and rack from the DTX900K with the DTX700 drum trigger module.  The DTX700 has preset trigger setups for the DTX700K and DTX750K.  To get the maximum expression from the DTX-PADS you should create a User Trigger Setup.
A new firmware update has just been released for the DTX900 module to update the instrument's compatibility with new triggers along with some enhancements in versatility.
An easy option for adding samples to the DTX900/M is to load a pre-recorded sample such as a “loop” wave from a USB memory device. This article includes a video tutorial.
PLAY a Preset SONG:
Press the [SONG] mode button, then press [F1] [PLAY] to access the song play function page. With the Song number highlighted, use the jog-dial or INC/DEC buttons to select a PRESET Song 01-87.
Rhythm Gate lets you check the accuracy of your hit timing more finely and strictly when playing along to the CLICK or a SONG*. The sound is produced only when you hit at the correct (allowable) timing, which can be specified beforehand. *for details see the Click and Song quick starts
It is easy and fun to tweak the preset kits and select new voices for the pads of any DTX900 series kit.  Whether you want to pick the individual voices for each trigger source of a multi-zone pad, or assign multiple voices to the whole input in one simple step, it's all starts in KIT mode.
Rhythm Gate is a variation of Groove Check1 in which sound is produced only if your hit is within the specified range, and sound is not produced if your hit is outside this range. This is cool because you don’t have to look at the display to know if you are on time. You will be able to hear (or not hear) if you hit the pad(s) within the range set by Rhythm Gate.
Without a doubt one of the most important skills for a drummer is timekeeping. The feature we call Groove Check is designed to help tighten up your timekeeping skills - one beat at a time. It works like a scale that measures how far ahead or behind the beat your hits are. You can measure hits from all inputs or focus Groove Check to analyze a specific pad input.
The ability to set the response of connected trigger pads for maximum performance is included in the DTXPRESS IV on the pages of TRIGGER setup mode. Let’s take a closer look…
The DTXPRESS IV has an internal collection of 63 preset songs for you to play along with. Songs 1-3 are DEMO songs – short musical compositions with a beginning, middle, and ending. Songs 4-44 are PRACTICE songs – Musical patterns in various styles that will LOOP. Songs 45-63 are PAD songs – song fragments that can be assigned to different pads.*
*Pad songs will be discussed in a future advanced guide.
Start by pressing the [DRUMKIT] mode button to see the [KIT1] page. Use the jog dial to select a drum kit that is similar to what you want to create (Kit #1 Oak Custom in this example).