Some of the world's finest drummers play Yamaha Drums and Yamaha DTX gear. Learn more about their stories here!

Mike Bennett

Mike Bennett is an internationally recognized drummer, percussionist, programmer, producer & composer working with many of today's top stars as well as legends of the music industry.

Ravi Jakhotia

DJ RAVIDRUMS originates a hip, epic musical movement unique to the LA music scene and the world. Two turntables can make a crowd go wild, but add an explosive performer, like DJ RAVIDRUMS remixing live on the drums and percussion, and you have the most powerful party element anyone has ever experienced. Ravi uses an assortment of DTX Pads for his performances.

Mike Johnston

Mike Johnston has become an inspiring online educator to many, with thousands upon thousands of dedicated students and subscribers on his website, Mikeslessons.com. Mike uses a combination of DTX pads, the EAD10, and the DTX900 Sound Module.

Glen Sobel

Glen Sobel has performed and recorded with a multitude of artists, and is currently the touring drummer for legendary rocker, Alice Cooper. He is also a very well known and busy clinician. Glen uses a Multi-12 with his setup.

Robert "Sput" Searight

Robert "Sput" Searight is one of the most influential drummers and producers in modern music, who has proven to be unparalleled in versatility as not only a drummer, but a keyboardist and producer as well. He has performed with artists such as Snoop Dog, Erykah Badu, Celine Dion, Justin Timberlake, P. Diddy, Timbaland, Myron Butler, Kirk Franklin, and Snarky Puppy. Robert uses a Multi-12 with his setup.

Thomas Pridgeon

"The best feeling pads I've ever played on." Thomas Pridgen's musicality and chops are something to be admired. He is mostly known as being one of the drummers in the Mars Volta Band, and currently has his own project called the Memorials. Thomas plays DTX Pads, and uses a Multi-12 in his setup.

Jimmy Keegan

You can hear Jimmy Keegans groove on songs such as "Primavera" on Santana's hit album Supernatural. He also stays busy recording and gigging with a variety of artists. He was the drummer for progressive rock band Spock's Beard, having replaced original drummer Nick D' Virgillio in November 2011. Before joining Spock's Beard, Keegan was their touring drummer since 2003, when D'Virgilio picked up the frontman and main singer role during live performances. Jimmy uses the EAD10 with his Yamaha Drums.

Antonio Sanchez

"There’s no other brand I would rather be playing. Yamaha Drums are the only drums I can rely on 100% for any musical situation. Besides great quality and sound, Yamaha Drums and hardware are the most user friendly. Yamaha Drums is like a big extended family that makes you feel right at home.”

Mike Bordin

Mike Bordin began playing Yamaha Drums as a teenager and turned down almost every other company’s endorsement offers. He believed that Yamaha Drums were superior as a teenager and still does to this day. Mike Bordin played in Faith No More for 16 years, and sold numerous records. He has toured internationally and depended heavily on the drums and hardware to develop a personal sound. Some other artists Mike has performed or recorded with are Ozzy Osborne, Jerry Cantrell and Korn. Mike is currently on tour with Ozzy. Mike incorporates the EAD10 in his setup.

Barry Kerch

Barry Kerch is the drummer for multi-platinum band Shinedown, and uses the DTX900, Multi-12, DTX Pads and DT-50S and DT-50K triggers.

Ray Luzier

Ray has an extensive background with an impressive resume of artists he has collaborated with, but he currently shares the stage with the Hard Rock band koRn and Dug Pinnick of Kings X. He uses the DTX900 with DTX Pads and the Multi-12.

Benny Rodgers

Bennie Rodgers Performes with Big Bang and Mariah Carey, and uses the DTX900 with DTX Pads and the Multi-12.
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